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OBJECTIVE - To obtain a position as a Director, Project leader, Consultant, Adviser, Photographer or Video Producer.

SKILLS - 30 years of computer graphics, video production and data processing. Proficient in video editing, shooting and postproduction. Valuable experience as a project leader, administrator, digital artist, fine art photographer, designer and computer programmer.

1997 – B. A..Lehman College, CUNY, NYC, NY, USA
Majors: Video Production and Computer Graphic Art
1978 - M. S. Institute of World Economics, Sofia, Bulgaria
Major: Computer Programming

2002-2010 - Bulgarian Parliament, Sofia, Bulgaria
Head of Department "Information Technologies". Director ICT.
1999-2001 - Bulgarian Parliament, Sofia, Bulgaria
Webmaster and Designer of the official website of Bulgarian Parliament.

1997-1998 - Lehman College, CUNY NY, NY
Adjunct Assistant in Lehman College, The City University of New York.
Tutoring computer science, Internet and Web design.
1995-1996 - Crosswalks TV Network, The City of New York TV Network
Computer Graphic Artist. Digital editing, effects and 3D animation.
1994-1995 - BRONXNET Cable Corporation, Bronx, NY
Technical Intern for the news. CG, camera and sound.
1992 - WCLF, TV Channel 22 Clearwater, FL
Digital Artist with AMIGA Video Toaster, LightWave 5.0.

1991 - SatTelecom Co. Geneva, Switzerland
Computer Programmer and Graphic Artist. Corel Draw and Photoshop.
1981-1989 - CENTS, Ministry of Communications, Sofia, Bulgaria
Manager of TELETEXT center at CENTS - Research center for communications. Graphics with VG-Electronics TTS4 system and SONY TV studio equipment. Computer programmer on VIDEOTON ES 1010.
1970-1980 - Computer Centers, Sofia, Bulgaria
Computer Programmer on various mainframes - IBM 370, FACOM 230-20-30. Languages: COBOL, ALGOL, FORTRAN, PL-1.

MENSA International, Vice Chair MENSA Bulgaria
The Golden Key National Honor Society
The Graphic Artist Guild (GAG)
The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
International Television Association (ITVA)
Association of Professional Videographers (APV)
The HTML Writers Guild
International Webmasters Association
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